Cottages: The Comfort Food of Architecture, Via

Soul satisfying and as snug as a favorite sweater, a cottage knows how to roll out the welcome mat.

Northern California’s Wine Country is heavily and magically populated with the most lovely array of tiny cottages. There are entire towns where every home sings a snug, cozy welcome, and they are omnipresent in the surrounding countryside. I’ll be driving down winding roads bordered by lush vineyards and I’ll pass a cottage so charming that I have to slam on my brakes, go into full reverse and jump out of the car to stare and covet.

Honestly, I have made it clear to God that I want my home in heaven to be a cottage. With a red door. Or maybe sage green.

While the term “cottage” has been used to describe everything from a contemporary faux chateau to the massive seaside sanctums of the uberrich, Merriam-Webster, quite pedantically, calls it “a usually small frame one-familyhouse.” It is, however, so much more than that.


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