12 Ways to Get in the Spirit of Old Stuff Day – Via Houzz.com

Vintage heads into the limelight on March 2. What pieces could you cast in a different role?

I’m pretty sure it will be a regular sales day at Hallmark, but Old Stuff Day (March 2) gives us an excuse to appreciate old stuff. Go through that box in the attic full of Grandma’s things and see if you can give them a special place in your home. Sort through a stack of old photographs and put them into a book, frame some or scan them. Clean up a favorite antique, or better yet, go antiquing. Wear a favorite piece of vintage clothing or jewelry today. Repurpose something old or find a different way to display a favorite collection. Here are some ideas for putting that old stuff to new use.

Enjoy an old photograph every day. Decorator Brian Patrick Flynn blew up a vintage photo of his parents and had it printed on UV-resistant vinyl to create a striking wall in his Atlanta loft.
Find a new use for an old collection. Vintage marbles top this wrought iron fence for a unique look with colorful flair.

See the rest of this eclectic garden

A collection of 160 old license plates makes a showstopping wall covering in this powder room.
Take apart an old bowling alley and bring it home. Just making sure you all are paying attention! Seriously, though, I do love this reuse of old stuff. Fixtures from a 1950s bowling alley in Chicago found a new home in a private residence in Battle Lake, Minnesota.

See more of these retro lanes

For a more attainable look with old bowling alley stuff, get one of the gorgeous tables or desks artisans make out of old bowling lane wood.
Pull out a vintage vase and fill it with flowers. In some parts of the world, it’s the time of year to force branches.

See more ways to use vintage vessels

Reupholster with vintage cloth. This clever homeowner went through her stacks of retro clothes and gave her dining room chairs a lively makeover.

See the rest of this home

Turn chipped dishes into a mosaic project. Go through the cabinets today and pull all of your damaged goods. Mosaic projects can be done on items like a terra-cotta pot, a tabletop or a wall. By the way, there’s more old stuff in this photo. That green tub with spinach growing in it is an old washer.

See the rest of this home

Frame a sentimental piece of clothing or cloth.Whether it’s a christening gown or a sassy vintage swimsuit, this is a wonderful way to enjoy the memories it evokes.

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Create a unique table base. This one is made of old bridge parts and topped with a custom slab.
Use a piece of antique furniture in an unexpected place. This highboy provides loads of room for linens and stands up to the bathroom’s high ceilings.
Daydream about what to do with your collections … someday. This homeowner collected sets of vintage hardware for many years. After 15 years in her home, she was finally was able to use the pieces all around her new kitchen. The result is an eclectic mix.

See the rest of this house

Try a salvaged sink. Whether in the kitchen, bath, laundry room, butler’s pantry or potting shed, a salvaged sink adds wonderful character and can save you quite a few bucks.

See more salvaged sinks in action

Honor a favorite collection with built-ins or a special display case. It doesn’t matter if you collect Fabergé eggs or G.I. Joe figures. Either plan the project today for the future or take action now. Purge books you’ll never read again to make room on shelves …
… or gather your collection on a console table or mantel, the way these vintage ceramic pieces are arranged.

If you don’t appreciate some of the old stuff you pull out today and you don’t want to repurpose it, pass it along to someone who will.

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Source: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/24138626/list/12-Ways-to-Get-in-the-Spirit-of-Old-Stuff-Day

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