20 Ideas for a Hip and Creative Kids’ Room – Via Houzz.com

Choose cool over cutesy for a bedroom that will grow with your child and speaks to your taste too.

The days when ducky wallpaper borders and cartoon character sheets were the only decor possibilities for children’s rooms are (thankfully) long gone. From unique floor and wall coverings to stylish storage and organizing ideas, cool beds and DIY projects, there are more options today than ever for pint-size spaces. Whether you are shifting from crib to big-kid bed or just want to shake things up in your kid’s bedroom, you’ll find 20 supercreative ideas to spark your imagination here.
Try a bold black and white palette. Go chic and mod with a mostly black and white palette: A black and white striped wall, graphic bedding, a leather pouf and numeric wall art bring plenty of visual interest here, so the room feels creative, not stark. A small splash of color is still welcome — try breaking up all of the black and white with a bunting or colorful curtains, as the designer did here.
Or overdose on color. Kids nearly always love color, so why not give in and create a supercolorful haven? In the space shown here, pink walls, a-lime green chair and colorful artwork are tempered by the black and white rug and white furniture with simple lines.
Display toys like an art installation. Nearly any type of small toy looks really cool in multiples lined up on rows of floating shelves. Try this with toy cars, plastic animals, dollhouse furniture, Lego people or anything else your child has a collection of. The key is limiting it to one type of toy — a random assortment just won’t have the same effect.
Layer rugs. Cowhide over a graphic black and white striped rug is unexpected yet versatile. Hide rugs are amazingly tough, durable and naturally stain resistant — but if they’re not your thing, try a smaller rug in a coordinating palette.
modern kids Jennifer's house

Hang geometric wallpaper. Like giant graph paper on the wall, this wallpaper is fresh and modern, and works for boys or girls. Don’t feel like papering? Seek out cool geometric wall decals instead for a DIY take on the look.
Box it up. Reality check: This is not necessarily a storage solution you should expect your kids to maintain. But it does have its place, namely up high and out of reach. Small, matching, clear, labeled boxes with lids and labels are a godsend for organizing tiny toys and game pieces. Keep them on a high shelf, and when you want to rotate some in, empty their contents into an open basket on a child-height shelf.
Create a lost and found for puzzles and games. You know how puzzles and board games always end up with missing pieces? Designate a nice, solid container as the official toy lost and found, and teach your kids that this is the place to pop in those random pieces they find under the couch. Hey, it’s worth a try, right?
Use wall straps to organize. The ones shown here, from Dutch design firm Droog, are made of flexible silicone, but you could easily make a DIY version using bungee cords and wall hooks.
Craft a creative corner. Inspire your child to create by setting up a space where everything needed is right at hand. In this cozy window nook, artwork and softies share space with a beginner’s sewing machine and workspace. Mason jar lids are affixed to the bottom of a wall shelf, keeping buttons and other small craft supplies within reach.
Bring in modern sofas. These Togo chairs from Ligne Roset are like little low, comfy couches — perfect for kids’ spaces. Using “real” furniture (rather than kiddie-size versions) can be a smart move, since it will work for years to come. Choose a stain-resistant upholstery fabric to help keep it looking fresh longer.
Hang a chair. Anything that swings or twirls is an instant hit with kids. Try a hanging chair, a chair swing or even a classic tree swing. Be sure to secure the chair or swing to the ceiling properly for safety — and don’t put it up unless you are fairly sure children will use it as intended — that is, not using it to launch themselves across the room.
Stash books on picture shelves. A few rows of inexpensive picture shelves creates a perfect display space for a rotating selection of favorite picture books. Bonus: It’s easier for kids to find the book they want when the cover is visible.
String up curtains in place of doors. Make things easier for little ones to find things in the toy or clothes closet by removing the doors and using easy pull curtains instead. Bonus: Curtains soften up a space and provide another chance to add color and pattern.
Mix wallpaper prints. One wall done in a floral print and another in stripes sounds like it could be a little much, but in this space it works. Why? The white floors, ceiling and furniture rein in the color and give the room a fresh Scandinavian vibe.
Use chalk paint on furniture. Write your own labels on drawers (and change them whenever you like) with chalkboard furniture. Transform a dresser, cabinet or bookshelf with this popular and easy-to-use paint, then write on labels. Or just use the surface for your little one’s artistic creations.

See how to make your own chalkboard paint

Build a bed nook. There is something utterly cozy and comforting about sleeping in a nook in the wall, especially for children. It also clears up the layout of the room for furniture and toys.
Add a hidden playspace. Whether you take over an existing closet or cupboard, or build something new, there is an undeniable appeal about hidden nooks for play. Yours doesn’t have to be as elaborate as this one (which was built into a pocket of empty space beside a staircase) to be fun — any space kids can retreat to will do splendidly.
Build a modern bunk. Thought all bunk beds looked the same? Nope. This one has a sculptural, architectural quality to it, thanks in great part to the innovative wall-ladder combo. Contact a pro to have something similar tailored to fit your space.
Try geometric bedding. Tired of staring at the same-old same-old cars or princesses? Swap out the old linens for something more modern and interesting, yet still appealing to kids — geometric prints are hot right now, and many of the kids’ sets also feature geometric animal designs on pillows and shams.
Pile on the comfort. Crisp and modern aren’t your (or your little one’s) style? Layer beds with mix-and-match colors and patterns instead. Here a boisterous collection of bright paisleys and floral prints makes for a happy and comfy nest for the wee ones.

Article Written By: Laura Gaskill, Houzz Contributor

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