Fool-the-Eye Security

Peace of mind and space-saving: The bad guys will never find your valuables when you stash them in these clever hiding spots.

Shocking Discovery

Who wants to mess with high voltage? Answer: Nobody. That’s why your valuables are well-protected behind this faux electrical panel that’s actually a wall safe. A combination lock appears to offer an extra measure of security for your electrical system, but it’s really the key to unlocking this hard steel vault ($329). The box is designed to fit between standard wall studs for easy installation.

Credit: Console Vault

Hidey Hole

This fake electrical outlet is a perfect place to stash small valuables and extra cash. It’s easy to install, and at $5.95, it’s inexpensive. Just don’t forget to tell your family why the iPad isn’t charging.


DIY Security

You might never have seen the tops of your doors — ever. Which is why they make a good hiding place for small valuables. This little tucked-away safe was made using a cigar tube with a screw-on lid. Bore a hole in the top of a hollow-core door, and include a recessed lip to hold a top that’s a bit larger than the tube — that way, the tube won’t fall inside the door (a washer screwed to the cigar tube top is the perfect lid).

Credit: MAKE

Sleep Tight

You’ve prepped for the zombie apocalypse with gold coins, running shoes, and a few weeks worth of freeze-dried food. Where do you keep all that stuff safe until you really need it? If you equip your king-size bed with an armored bed bunker ($5,730), you’ll be ready when the zombies arrive.


Secret Under-Stairs Room

Hey, even toddlers need to get away from it all now and then. Your little ones would love a secret compartment tucked away beneath a staircase. This one features spring-loaded hinges, carpet, and rope lights to keep everything bright and cheery. When the door is closed, it’s hard to see it’s even there.

Want more ideas for using that awkward area underneath a staircase? Check out our slideshow, Under-Stairs Storage: 8 Ways to Use the Most Under-Used Space in Your Home.


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