March Into Year-Round Chic With 15 Twists on Red, White and Blue

Parade your patriotism and your style sophistication with new looks for a classic color trio. Drumroll, please …

When I think of red, white and blue, I usually think of good old-fashioned Fourth of July decorations and kids’ rooms — bright white, fire engine red and navy blue. Those are great classics, but tweaking the hues and using them in careful doses can result in very chic red, white and blue rooms for all year.

Taking whites a little creamy or tan, reds to terra-cotta and oxblood, and blues to turquoise or teal is a great way to elevate this classic combo to high design. Here are 15 ways to take this classic color combo chic.

1. Save the red for a few exotic pieces.Unique lanterns in oxbloodpunctuate this sophisticated space. Also note the design impact of the cool slate-blue ceiling and the Greek key detailing on the rug.
2. Layer the colors atop a neutral base. Rich neutrals are the main color palette here, while strong accents are layered on top for comfortable nautical style.
3. Use restraint. This fresh country kitchen keeps the “kountry” at bay with careful curation — the blues come from china patterns; the red appears on wood bar stools and cabinetry.
4. Keep it tailored. Chic tailoring and a playful mix of patterns result in a crisp cottage bedroom.
5. Tone it down with tan. Blue that borders on periwinkle, red that borders on burgundy, and white replaced by tan give charming cottage style a fresh update here.
6. Tone it down with persimmon. Faded reds create a softer color palette that still contrasts beautifully with navy.
7. Tone it down with gray. Gray-blue brings in the color in a subdued way, while bright red counter stools grab the spotlight.

Buffet paint: Van Courtland Blue, Benjamin Moore

8. Keep the number of colored pieces minimal in a minimalist space. The more white space you have, the more these accent colors will stand out.
9. Play with midcentury modern style. Eames Small Dot Pattern fabric and a futuristic stool give the color combination an atomic spin here.
10. Give the most important accent piece all the attention with red or blue. Bold Moroccan blue draws the eye to this fireplace surround, while dashes of paprika provide contrast.
11. Edit without mercy.Carefully measured dashes of ocean blue and deep red punctuate this crisp bedroom. A Moravian star and variegated stripes give the usual stars and bars a tweak. The color combination is so versatile in here that the room can change from adult guest room to kiddo room with a few stuffed animals.
12. Mix and match seating in red, white and blue. These iconic chairs are a mix of red, white, blue, fiberglass, clear acrylic and metal around a wood table. The room is spare, but the mix gives it personality.
13. Brighten things up with turquoise. For a little retro appeal, ramp up the blue toturquoise.
The turquoise and red combination isn’t just for retro kitchens; it also works with soft upholstery in a sophisticated living room.
14. Think globally, act locally. Indian, African and Asian furniture and patterns result in a chic eclectic mix.
15. Punctuate the combo with black and white. Strong graphic patterns such as stripes and chevrons stand out against royal blue.



By: Becky Harris

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