Guest Picks: 20 Ways to Play Garden Host to Birds and Bees

Perch some of these houses and feeders around your garden, and watch pollinators and feathered friends flock in!

One of the greatest pleasures of summer for me is sitting in the garden listening to the birdsong and the droning of the bees. And I can’t be the only one, because everywhere I look lately there is another great design for encouraging these little friends to stay in our own personal patches of paradise. The only decision is which design to choose. — Carole fromDear Designer
This Bee Hotel is a great way to help boost the population of bees in the garden by giving them a place to live. And it looks pretty good too!
This bee house sits in the flower beds and would suit a more contemporary garden style.
Improve the birds’ etiquette by letting them eat from a porcelain plate! It’s a knock-down three-star bird restaurant for sweet small birds.
contemporary bird feeders by Etsy

by Etsy »
This feeder is designed specifically for woodpeckers and other clinging feeders. Attached to a fencepost, it would provide hours of entertainment.
contemporary birdhouses by John Lewis

How lovely would a trio of these look on a city balcony? They’re available in three bright colors: fuchsia, green and gray.
This feeder offers a great design for a contemporary garden space. It looks very effective hanging amongst the greenery, don’t you think?
This home is for the design-conscious bird, and it’s available in five colors to pack a punch in the garden.
Ladybugs are good too; they eat aphids. This house will protect them from their predators.
Here’s a feeder that won’t break the bank, and the suction pad enables you to stick it to any smooth window pane. Now you can watch the birds without leaving your armchair.
This is a very stylishly designed nesting box in striped and glazed terra-cotta. It’s a “des res” (desirable residence) for lucky birds.
modern birdhouses by John Lewis

Aren’t these birdhousessweet? I can imagine a selection of them randomly nailed to a fence to create a birdy feature wall.
This feeder comes in a pack of two and is shaped like a bird’s nest. They would look very pretty hung at different heights.
contemporary bird baths by John Lewis

I love this birdbath! Granted, it’s not on the cheap side, but its lovely sculptural form can find a place in my garden any day.
A mansion amongst bird houses. The attention to detail is astonishing, and there are other period houses available at this site too.
contemporary birdhouses by mydeco

by mydeco »
From mansion to gypsy caravan, these cute specimens are absolutely charming.
contemporary outdoor decor by Eco Market

A neat little terrace of houses, these have a solid timber construction that gives excellent insulation for ladybugs and lacewings during the wintertime.
contemporary bird feeders by HAUS

by HAUS »
This clever feeder is specifically designed to allow small birds such as tits, sparrows, nuthatchers and finches to feed and deter larger birds and squirrels (always a problem in my garden) with its gravity-fed feeding slot.
contemporary bird baths by Dotmaison

Beautiful in its simplicity, this white porcelain and stainless steel birdbath looks as good to humans as it is attractive to birds.
This is designed specifically to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason bee, which is non-aggressive and vital to plant pollination. The bees are naturally attracted to holes in wood, which are becoming rare in tidy gardens.
These houses are made from machined oak with a steel roof that will rust beautifully as it gets exposed to the elements. It has my vote!

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