Deck and Patio Lighting Ideas that Add Livability

Cool deck and patio lighting helps you get more use — and enjoyment — from your outdoor living spaces.

Star Floors

Fiber optic lighting uses only a single light source, typically a 5-15 watt LED housed in a small fan-cooled box sheltered from the elements. Light travels on slender, flexible cables that end in points of light — small emitters that you insert into holes drilled in your decking. Because there’s no electricity or heat conducted, the cables and light are safe in any type of weather. Installing fiber optic lighting is a good DIY project. A kit with 120 emitters and cables is about $325.

Credit: Starscape Fibre Optic & LED Lighting

Lighting the Way

Deck lighting extends party time on your deck, and adds safety, too. Fixtures on posts offer ambient lighting and signal the railing location. Low-voltage LED light fixtures run on 12-volt current that’s much safer than regular 120-volt household current, making installation DIY-friendly. Make the posts from pieces of lumber so there’s a hollow channel inside; run low-voltage wiring in the channel. A lighting kit with 8 fixtures, wire, and a 12-volt transformer is $587.

Credit: Highpoint Deck Lighting

Moveable Lighting

An oversize floor lamp made for outdoor use will light up an entire deck seating area with its 250-watt halogen bulb. A plastic shade, galvanized steel frame, and aluminum base make this fixture weatherproof. Six lead weights keep it stable in windy conditions. It’s a plug-in lamp, so you’ll need a weatherproof outdoor outlet — a minor concession for this $13,750 outdoor fixture.

Credit: SuperArchiMoon/Designed by Philippe Starck for DEDON/Photo courtesy of Dedon

Low-Voltage Wonderland

Most exterior landscape lighting — including railing lights and uplighting for trees — is low-voltage. A low-voltage system uses a transformer to convert regular 120-volt household current into 12-volt current. With less power, however, exterior lights may be dimmer than you expect. That’s why it’s important that your transformer is sized for your lighting scheme. Buy a transformer ($100-$200) that plugs into an outdoor outlet, or have an electrician install one for about $400.

Credit: Kichler

Way-Easy Deck Lighting

String lights offer versatility and style — they go up in any location, there’s no need to conceal wiring (it’s part of the lights), and they come in tons of styles and sizes. You can choose standard lights that plug directly into an outlet, or low-voltage lights that use 12-volt current. Outdoor solar-powered lights cost a bit more initially but don’t use household power and aren’t dependent on a nearby power source. A 14-ft.-long string with 20 solar-powered LED lights is about $20.

Credit: Taylor de Cordoba

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