6 Misconceptions About Remodeling Costs


It’s amazing the misconceptions about remodeling that endure for years:

1. To make your home more energy efficient, install double-glazed windows first. In typical houses, a very small fraction of the total heat or air-conditioning loss is through the windows. More heat by far is lost through ceilings, so attic insulation is where to begin your energy-saving investments. Then consider a high-efficiency furnace and ductwork. Replacing windows is low on the list of cost-effective energy improvements.

2. “Tankless” water heaters are more efficient. Not necessarily. Efficiency ratings are arrived at in the lab and seldom matched in the real world. Tankless water heaters are expensive, complicated, and not great in low-flow conditions. They do save space and are good for bathrooms located far from the water heater. But if those aren’t your concerns, there are conventional water heaters with high efficiencies at modest cost.

3. If you want more daylight, skylights are best. Adding windows is actually the better way to improve day-lighting. Windows let in more low-angle sunlight in winter and keep out the high hot rays in summer. Skylights do the reverse and often look out of place in older homes.

4. Granite is best for kitchen counters. Granite is durable, but why put tops that last 100 years on counters that will barely make 30? Before you automatically opt for granite, check out all the interesting – and less expensive– options: other types of stone, butcher block, tile, and synthetic laminates.

5. You can save big money putting bathrooms back-to-back. This comes from the practice of apartment house builders to place bathrooms back to back. It makes sense when building lots of apartments, but a homeowner may save just a few hundred dollars. This isn’t reason enough to have a bathroom arrangement you don’t like.

6. The best way to update your lighting is withrecessed “can” lights. Maybe, maybe not. The pools of light they create are good for showing off objects, but not for overall illumination. And if you use too many, your ceiling starts to look like Swiss cheese. Be careful how many you use and avoid them in older homes.

If you’re thinking of buying a home, we can give you information on financing that purchase. We can also help with refinancing your existing home or funding home improvements. Please call or email us any time – we’re always here to help…. Have a great day!

P.S.: The housing market is recovering, but home prices are still extremely affordable, and mortgage rates remain near historical lows. But if you’re thinking about buying or refinancing, it’s smart to get the process started early. Please call or email us to talk about the attractive options available now.

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